My articles and Courses on Personal Productivity, Entrepreneurship, and Creativity

I'm a technology geek
obsessed with visual storytelling, entrepreneurship, and self-development systems

On this site, I share some of my experiments, failures, and a little knowledge I've gleaned along the way.

You can start by reading about the personal productivity course I'm launching soon.

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My Articles and Blog Posts

I write on a slew of subjects that inspire, challenge, and motivate me. These wide-ranging themes are those that I grapple with daily in my quest for a better life. Sometimes I write to organize my thoughts, while at other times the purpose is to share my learnings with others. Whatever the purpose, I always write from the heart.

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This would be a good place to start reading my articles: start with the most recent ones and if you find that you like them, you can always move back in time. I also publish these articles on Medium and Linkedin .

My Online Courses

My featured course, The Personal Productivity Machine, is a thorough yet simple framework that will teach you how to develop your productivity muscles and to constantly boost your performance on a daily basis.

The Personal Productivity
Productivity Machine
Online Course

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Create a Life-Altering Personal Productivity System That Grows With You and Adapts to Your Needs

A course for solopreneurs, students, and those working from home on creative projects.

Some of the main themes of this course:

How to attain a success mindset
Design a flexible system to help you overcome procrastination
Start building better habits to completely overhaul your life
The importance of direction, momentum, and the right environment

Watch a short introduction to this online course to see how you can optimize your performance

The Mini-Guide on Creating Habits
The Mini-Guide on Creating Habits

This short, visual guide will get you started on your journey to building and adopting life-altering habits.

Create Your Personal Success OKRs
Create Your Personal Success OKRs

Define your OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to measure and guide you towards your life goals.

The Mini-Guide of Time-Blocking
The Mini-Guide of Time-Blocking

This short, visual guide will get you started on your journey to building and adopting life-altering habits.

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My Experiments

These are my little babies! The side-projects that I work on in my spare time. They come from ideas that inspire and challenge me or that somehow occupy my thoughts relentlessly.

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An App to Help me Manage my Daily Ritual and my Workload

This is the app I would have loved to use daily so I'm creating a design prototype that would be perfect for me.

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My Mobile Game

Exploration Game - A Cross Between "Fallout Shelter" and

I've always wanted to create my own game and I believe it would really be fun to design one for mobile.

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Children's Book

An Interactive Comic (Bande Dessiné) for Children

French comics (Bandes Dessinées) are totally different from their American counterparts.