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Inspired from Mark Manson Website

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When I was a smelly 23-year-old, I was unemployed and living on a friend’s couch. I would pass my days at the bookstore picking up books that looked interesting, reading a chapter or two, putting it back, and going home. I turned that store into my own personal library. Thank god the clerks never found out.

One day, I picked up a small book that mentioned a simple idea. Fifteen years later, the result of that idea would be 12 million books sold, speaking tours across five continents, and the website you are reading today.

Never underestimate the power of an idea.

What seems like a small improvement today could create 1,000x the results years from now. The right idea at the right time can build a career, save a marriage or bring years of happiness.

Each Monday I write down my three best ideas for the week in hope that somebody out there is like me that day in the book store, that maybe the pebble in my mind could potentially stir an avalanche in theirs.

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