December 1, 2018
What I Learned From Being an Assassin - "The Persian Warriors" characters created by Vishka Studio

What I Learned From Being an Assassin

Reading Time: 5 mins I brought a child into this world because I wanted someone to play video games with.
Okay, that was hardly the only reason I made such a decision, thank god, but it was fun to think that the little dude would grow up to become my partner in crime, climbing the walls of fortresses, finding buried treasures, and killing hundreds of evil minions sent by the big boss.
May 9, 2018
Photo by Robert Zunikoff on Unsplash

The Monster of Procrastination is out to get you

Reading Time: 11 mins And it can be deadly if you don’t defeat it. Yes, deadly. And not the kind of heroic quick death that swashbuckling protagonists of love novels go through, but the agonizingly slow death that accompanies you for decades, slowly suffocating you and taking your hopes […]